American Indian Mafia: An FBI Agent’s True Story about Wounded Knee, Leonard Peltier, and the American Indian Movement (Aim)

For the first time, the true history of AIM is revealed through the eyes of an FBI Agent who was there. And for the first time, the AIM leadership’s dirty little secrets are exposed, unlike in any other history book. In fact, this book exposes the history books. It is time to set the record straight for the benefit of all Native Americans.

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  • This is a history book written by a retired FBI agent who was at Wounded Knee for the first month after AIM arrived and began their 1973 reign of terror on the Pine Ridge Reservation. This book meticulously documents and covers the AIM violence and the resulting trials of crimes committed in: Custer SD, Washington DC, the reservation murders of two FBI agents, the Anna Mae Aquash murder, and the misguided attempts to free the convicted murderer Leonard Peltier. It also responds to several earlier books on the subject that are more political propaganda than history. Best historical book on the subject.
  • Finally sets the record straight on the whole wounded knee and Leonard Peltier and Anna Mae issue.
  • The book is useful in that it presents a more complete picture of a highly significant historic event. However, considering the author’s position (Special Agent in Charge) and active participation in this event, the book does little to support a professional image for the FBI. An historic document, nonetheless.
  • An excellent book. No one can argue with the primary sources, although the left never lets the facts get in the way of their grievance-driven narratives.
    This book explores the assassinations of the two FBI agents by AIM in great detail. Being from Milwaukee, I am aware of AIM. The group took over an abandoned U.S. Coast Guard Station on the city’s lakefront in 1971, a portion of which was tuned into an Indian Community School. During the Trail of Broken Treaties, AIM members spent a few days camping at the Coast Guard Station and trashed the school. The superintendent of the school chastised AIM during an interview with the Milwaukee Journal. Based on what occurred in Milwaukee, it is not difficult to imagine AIM trashing the small town of Wounded Knee and intimidating the residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation.
    The author did an excellent job describing the characters, both with the FBI and AIM, and others. One can tell that the kid glove treatment afforded to members of AIM by leftist professors, Hollywood liberals, the media, and even the judiciary, compelled Trimbach to write this book.
    One issue that author could have offered more information about: How did AIM acquire its firepower? Where did AIM get the money to purchase these weapons and where did the firearms come from? Did the funds come from government grants that were pilfered?
    From reading retired Milwaukee Police Department Detective Roger Hinterthuer’s book, “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied,” I was aware that two rifles recovered from an AIM occupied car that exploded on the Kansas Turnpike came from a member the Outlaws Motorcycle Club’s Milwaukee chapter. These weapons were taken in a large warehouse burglary. Two of the firearms — FBI Agent Colter’s .308 rifle and an AR-15 rifle, recovered from this car were linked the murderers of the agents at Jumping Bull.
    That being said for those interested in learning more about organized crime, federal law enforcement, and the failure of political correctness, this book is a must read. My suggestion for those reading the book’s reviews: Pay attention to only those authored by an Amazon verified purchaser. I think you will find that the reviews written by non-verified posters have a not so hidden agenda.
  • I was just a young teenager in ’73 and wanted to learn what had really happened. Having read many other accounts of what happened at Wounded Knee II I was astonished to find so many conspiracy theories in books, articles and online, but was dismayed they had no documentation to back them up. Or when they did document something it was taken out of context or just plain made up! This book finally sets the record straight.
    I was just trying to learn who was telling the truth. But when you read American Indian Mafia it is clear from the first chapter that the leadership of AIM had been lying from the very beginning in every aspect of the case. This book just blows them away so completely that there is never any doubt left. They (AIM) have been portraying their leaders as selfless martyrs when in fact they have done nothing for the people of Pine Ridge except destroy their homes & set them even further back than they were before. 650 pages blowing away every lie told in the previous books such as ‘In the Spirit of Crazyhorse’ etc, 1,000 footnotes, endless references, documentation upon documentation. Try to find that in one of the other conspiracy books. It is easy to write conspiracy books and make money off of them. What is hard is accepting that you’ve been lied to all these years –no matter where that truth goes. I have double-checked on the documentation in this book and it is all true and factual. The trials of Arlo Looking Cloud is finally in prison for the murder of an INDIAN and John Graham and the others finally have begun this month after 35 years of lies and stalling for that same murder. Perhaps even some others in the leadership will be implicated soon too, albeit late. To those who thought the FBI agents had it coming I would say did Anna Mae Aquash & the others have it coming too? It is time to put aside preconceived romantic notions and come to grips with reality.
    Crazy Horse would be ashamed to even been associated with these people. They are not heroes–just criminals who have made a living off their infamy ever since & hiding behind the lies to cover their crimes. American Indian Mafia does not attack the Indian people and agrees wholeheartedly that the government has neglected them horribly. It includes a section on how we can help too. What the authors say is the LEADERSHIP of AIM, not AIM members, are at fault. Most AIM members were simply missled & are still being misled. Its hard to accept that people you cared about lied to you for decades merely for their own benefit, but that is the cold hard truth. For Anna Mae’s sake at least, read the book.

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