HIRED! Paths to Employment In The Social Media Era

HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era is a 300 page plus look at the steps today’s job seeker should take during their job search to secure employment in the social media era. Unlike so many published books claiming that there are only one or two effective ways to get a job, HIRED! presents a multi-faceted approach utilizing a myriad of tools. Each of these methods is discussed and explained so they can be implemented effectively, positioning you to secure a new position in the shortest period of time.The book covers a myriad of topics designed to accelerate the search. These include: use of personal assessments; keywords and Boolean searches; personal branding; use of job boards; targeting of positions and companies; resumes; Social Media including Google+, About.me, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook; campaign maximization; interviews; alternatives to traditional jobs; and the future. There is also in-depth coverage of the enormous Hidden Job Market which is an area that is often overlooked, but where a majority of jobs actually exist.

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