How to (Almost) Ruin Your Summer

Top Three Reasons Camp Minnehaha is The Worst

1. The spiders (wayyyy too many legs)
2. King Arthur (a rampaging goat intent on my destruction)
3. Victoria a.k.a The Diva (an evil cabin mate obsessed with French beauty products and my humiliation)

Chloe McCorkle knew a summer camp where you had to learn a career was a bad idea. She tried to tell her parents, but they just had to go on vacation to Alaska and ship her off for two weeks. It’s not ideal, but she’s going to try to make the best of it. She might even learn some skills that will help her make money for the new bike she’s been eyeing. But Chloe quickly discovers there’s only one area at which she excels; she manages to get more demerits than anyone else in camp…

Community Review

  • Packed with humor and heart, I loved this book. Chloe’s voice is authentic to her age, and she’s relatable to middle grade kids. Chloe is willing to work hard for what she wants (a new bike), resourceful, witty, and sensitive. From an unpredictable goat (named King Arthur), to bugs, a crush, a bully, and new friends, Chloe faces every summer camp challenge head on, while staying true to herself throughout. Her summer camp experiences brought me right back to my own childhood summers at sleepaway camp. I especially enjoyed the friendship between Chloe and Pogo, as well as the drama taking place inside the bunk. The author clearly understands the dynamics of how girls function when they all live together. Souders’s writing style is easy-to-read and smooth with many laugh-out-loud moments, making this book a great choice for both reluctant readers and avid readers.
  • Written by my daughter:
    I really liked the book and I told my mom that I want Taryn Souders to make a new book called How to NOT ruin your summer. Also I love the very end when Chloe then tells the reader that her and Victoria don’t hate each other but they’re not friends either. The book says that King Arthur drove Chloe crazy but at the very end she did the right thing and saved King Arthur.
  • “How to (Almost) Ruin your Summer” by Taryn Souders is a hysterical and funny for all ages. I had a hard time putting it down. Mrs. Souders is a very vivid writer, as she draws you into the characters and story. I enjoyed all of the adventures of Chloe and her friends. They had their ups and downs like friends sometimes have but at the end they all helped each other. This book teaches about kindness, friendship and teamwork. It also brought back memories from my childhood writing letters and using PS, PPS and PPPS. I highly recommend this be one of your summer reads. Don’t miss out on Camp Minnehaha’s adventures! Georgia
  • This was a good, entertaining story for my 8th grader. He choose this as his summer reading for school and said he found it intriguing.
  • This book was really funny and I would highly recommend this book for you or your kids. You might even die laughing!
  • My son (9 years old) will be venturing off to sleep away camp this summer for the first time and we were looking for a fun book to read about all the possible adventures. This book was a hoot and and he is even more excited to go…he is also hoping there is goat to care for. Easy read. Lots of laughs. Teachable moments.
  • I liked that it makes sense, and I would recommend to my friend Olivia, who, would laugh like CRAZY! I chose this rating because it was funny, and related to me when my parents sent my stuffed animal with to summer camp.
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  • Very interesting with a lot of twists and turns. I would recommend this book for families who have a child to has focused on one specific thing to teach them to let loose and try other things, not just one
  • Best book yet! Both my daughters and I read this and loved it! So funny, excellent writing, and great lessons for kiddos! Highly recommend it I give it 5 of 5 without a doubt!
  • Funny it was the best book ever
    I loved it and I hate reading hint it’s
    A great book 🐐
  • Laugh out loud, and completely hysterical. How to almost ruin your summer by Taryn Souders, is everything you want in a middle-grade novel. This is a fun summer read, and will keep your child’s interest. I read a lot of children’s books, but middle grade has to my favorite sub-genre.
    Something horrible has happened this summer- Chloe’s parents are sending her to camp for two weeks. Not just any camp, though. This is Camp Minnehaha, and she’s is going against her will. Things aren’t looking too bright for her, and only get worse once she arrives. She gets bunked with a stuck-up girl named Victoria. I disliked her from the get go.
    Unfortunately, everything is going wrong for little Chloe. No matter what she does, it always turns into one big disaster. This book contains so many spiders, and like Chloe, I hate them too.
    On top of everything else, little Chloe has to deal with a bully. One that seems to enjoy tormenting her endlessly. She has to learn how to defend herself. Develop self-esteem. Along the way she learns something everyone will in their lifetime, what it truly means to be a friend.
    This is an action packed, quick fast, laugh out loud story. This is a clean story with nothing that I could find that would be remotely inappropriate. This book would be perfect for middle-grade readers
    I received this book for free from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
  • Looking for the perfect summer read for your kids? Then THIS is the book! I found myself laughing out loud several times- which is a rare thing for a comedian to do! Taryn’s witty writing made it impossible for me to not chuckle. I couldn’t help myself! Camp Minniehaha should have been named Camp Majorhaha! The characters are a delight and the situations Chloe finds herself in are just plain fun. But the lesson on dealing with whatever life brings is an important one and Taryn delivers it with skill, style and humor. It brought back all the memories of my own summer camp experiences and I found myself relating to Chloe on many levels. I was filming in South Africa and after finishing the book, I left it as a gift for a children’s home where it is now being passed around and being enjoyed by all. Thank you Taryn for writing such a fun book packed with heart and humor. I can’t wait for the next one!

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