Making Self-Employment Work for People with Disabilities

As self-employment becomes a viable option for more and more adults with significant disabilities, give them realistic, practical guidance and support with the NEW edition of this popular guidebook. Updated with a new and improved assessment approach, more self-employment success stories, and the latest on policy changes and online opportunities, this book is your step-by-step guide to helping adults with disabilities get a small business off to a strong start. You’ll discover the nuts and bolts of person-centered business planning, and you’ll get concrete, step-by-step strategies for every aspect, from business plans to marketing to finances. A must-have resource for employment specialists, transition professionals, and individuals with disabilities and their families, this book is the go-to guide for turning a small business into a big success.Community Review  

  • What a confusing, poorly organized book this is. I wish I’d never bought it, especially at the price of almost 40.00. I am a person on SSDI and have a self employment venture through DVR. I was specifically looking for useful information for tax purposes and reporting purposes for SSDI. This book jumps around constantly even within single chapters from SSI to SSDI recipients. It is way too complicated. The two programs are very different! If you are SSDI, you do not care about what SSI folks use to handle taxes and reporting, nor their income guidelines, nor that they have many more options than SSDI folks have for self employment within allowable guidelines. This book started off focused on SSDI in one chapter (blurb, really) heading, only to switch to SSI info. Don’t do that! It is hard enough to understand the basics, much less to be confused by poor author/editor organization. ALSO, I did not need to constantly read that SSDI recipients have a ‘more complex and confusing’ set of guidelines to go thru for reporting and SGA/ work and wage configuring. This happens several times. Don’t make things seem worse than they are! Don’t create a bleak outlook for those of us trying desperately to make a little more than the drivel of disability income allows. In the end, the authors state it will be ‘hard and difficult’ to find CPAs and attorneys who understand how disability benefits impact taxes…well thank you. I really needed to know that. Giving them your book, as you suggest, is the last thing I think I’ll do. This is more useful for a SSI person. Very disappointed.
  • While this is a work of unquestioned and towering achievement, it has a couple of things going against it. First, the pagination of this edition is not consistent with Keynes own internal reference to the pages of his original edition, which makes it confusing, and the editorial quality is abysmal. Typos on every page, bar none.
    The more important critique, though, is that this is as difficult a read as any book outside those which cover the physical sciences. It is simply impenetrable for the lay person. Trust me on this.
    I feel proud to have read, so far, up to page 275, over 6 weeks, but I actually get much more out of reading the summary of keynesianism in wikipedia than the book itself. Sometimes, in fact, as I read this I think that one of the problems with policymakers who have embraced this school (and I am not sure if I am one of them) is that they simply don’t understand it as Keynes elucidated it. Perhaps they don’t need to, but I don’t know, it just nags at me.
    Buy another edition for your bookshelf, just to have such a towering work, but I wouldn’t necessarily read the thing…..
  • Bought this Kindle edition thinking that the latest must be the best. NOT TRUE. This one has none of the notes, and almost none of the formulas are readable. Formulas come through as sequences of squares, even when imbedded in the text. After getting through most of it, I discovered that I could complain to CS, which I did. They refunded my money (kudos to Amazon!), then I bought the edition with the picture of the factories. Notes? Present. Formulas? Present and clear.
  • A must read for any economist! It’s amazing the ammount of old and sicredited theories that are still taught in modern economic curses even tough Mr. Keynes put serious doubts about them long ago. This book represents a coherent representation of Mr. Keynes theories, one of the brightests economists ever. It will help you to break the shackles of old economic theories and improve your critic on the things you tought you knew. However Mr. Keynes toughtful critic makes a compelling case to rethink many of the main assumptions of modern macroeconomics.
  • This book causes my phone to freeze up and crash every time I load it into my kindle app. It also has no active table of contents and has strange formatting beginning at the part where the “general theory” starts. Instead of the usual white background with print that stretches across the screen, the pages of the general theory appear as thin blue columns. The book is so buggy that I found myself unable to read it and will now have to purchase a different version.
  • If you are an economist, this is something you have read several times. The 5 star rating of “I love it” seems silly. No one ‘loves’ reading a text book. Keynes himself said it was written for his fellow economist, and it is difficult to read. At times, the reader must go over a single paragraph several times to gain understanding. It is one of the three classics in economics along with Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations”, and Karl Marx “Communist Manifesto”.
  • Keynes is often mistakenly used as an excuse to steal taxpayer money. Keynes only recommended “stimulus” in this book because it was written in 1934, during the Great Depression. Milton Freeman later said Keynes changed his mind. this is a good introduction to aggregate demand, etc. And the role govt may play. It has been misinterpreted by people who want to build up govt spending, so they can get rich on public union campaign money. That’s is a misapplication of Keynes’ intention.

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