P.S. I Still Hate It Here: More Kids’ Letters from Camp

On the heels of the successful P.S. I Hate it Here comes an all-new, even more outrageous and laugh-out-loud funny collection of real letters written by children ages eight to sixteen to their parents about their adventures at summer camp. Written with the same wit and honesty that made the first book a runaway hit, these new letters take the reader on a familiar adventure that conjures up the experience of being away from home, and the hilarious and lasting memories that accompany that special place called sleepaway camp.

Praise for P.S. I Still Hate it Here:

“Will give you and your friends a good laugh while you’re at the beach and the kids are away.” —Geek Mom

Community Review

  • In my experience, it’s rare that my 11-year-old boy’s ears perk up when I’m reading a book to his 7-year-old brother. But that is exactly what happened as I climbed into my younger boy’s bed and began reading the letters out loud. While reading the third letter, my oldest son joined us and both boys were grinning and nodding to each other as they listened to the innocent and dead-on letters written by kids describing their camp experiences. One of the funniest was a boy who had rated many of the aspects of camp and ended up with a negative score.
    The best was when I told them it was time to turn off the lights, and both pleaded with me to read a few more letters. I did, and after a thoroughly enjoyable reading, my 7-year-old tugged my sleeve and whispered, “See, all the camps are alike. None of them are any good.” Then, “will you read some more tomorrow?”
    This book will be fun for the entire family, especially if the kids or the parents have ever stayed at an overnight camp.
  • Diane Falanga has captured the essence of summer camp! Any of us who have ever attended camp can attest to those agonizing hours spent in the throes of homesickness. And for those of us who have dealt with homesick campers…well, this book helps put everything in perspective!
    As an assistant director of a large overnight camp, I can attest to the fact that Diane Falanga’s books have helped us train our staff to be sensitive to the needs of homesick campers. Using humor is a great way to broach the subject matter and her approach allows counselors to see homesickness from the parents’ perspective — the receiving end of a letter from their distraught child begging to go home…never mind that the event could have happened days before the letter was received and that the child is now a “happy camper.”
    Whether you are a camper, counselor or parent, Diane Falanga’s book will make you laugh while conjuring up great memories of s’mores and bug juice.
  • More letters from kids, which can be quite entertaining at times, but again as I said with the first book…if you get it on a Kindle many of the pages are unreadable. This makes it a disappointing reading experience overall.
  • So Funny!!!
    A must read for the camper in all of us.
    Great for a Coffee Table book for your cabin in the woods.
  • This book is cute and funny and adorable. It’s kids being kids, some old school and some today’s generation. I don’t have any children (yet) and this book made me want to receive a camp letter from my (future) little one.
  • A riot of stories about kids at camp. We gave it to our daughter who has both been at camps and sent similar letters home, as well as her two riotous kids. Short, sweet and funny. Good bathroom reading.
  • I enjoyed reading this book while on vacation. It is one of those books that some things are so funny you want to read it to your friends! Quick, easy read.
  • We sent our children to camp and they hated it. When I saw this book featured on TV, I just had to purchase 2 copies and sent them to our son & daughter. They absolutely loved the book and shared it with their spouses and children. Our son was actually looking to see if his letter to us was included.
  • Even on a paperwhite, this book was difficult to read on kindle. I loved the first book but this one was not as fun or funny…but if you buy it, get a paperback; the presentation makes a difference.
  • Fun to read. Sometimes even halarious. Nice light-hearted humor for a change. Would make a great gift for any age.
  • Great fun! Looking forward to reading it to my daughters 3rd grade class for mystery reader day! I believe it will have you roaring too, with laughter.
  • Diane Falanga has done it again! She has compiled a list of actual letters from kids at camp that will make your sides split from laughing! Anyone who has either been a camper or sent a child to camp will relate to the letters in this book. My husband bought be the first one the day before my daughter went to summer camp for the first time. We took turns reading the letters out loud and they just made us laugh. The sequel is just as funny as the first! A great gift to any parent or child who has experienced the joy of overnight camp!
    Thanks Diane!!!
  • As a children’s Camp Director, it is important to learn as much as possible about the children under your care. Any information can be helpful in proper cabin placement, avoiding mistakes, correcting previous mistakes, this list goes on and on…. Reading genuine letters written by campers whose emotions and feelings are poured onto paper provides an incredibly unique perspective to a camp professional of how a child was truly feeling at that moment. This collection of letters is a gold mine of data to that professional. Every camp strives to be the best it can be. Getting to know campers better through interpretation of their written words is extremely valuable and can teach any camp professional something they haven’t heard about or noticed before. This can lead to better results for all. In addition, the letters are absolutely hilarious reminders of the special memories created as only a camp can do. A great investment.

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